Taking Care of Your Teeth

mae-hwanThe first thing anyone notices about you is your smile and your teeth. Your teeth can tell a lot about you and are one of the factors that people base their first impression on. Due to this reason, taking proper care of your teeth is critical. Another reason is that if you don’t take good care of your teeth, you will end up on the dentist’s seat more than you like.

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Tips for taking care of your teeth

Brush well and good

Dentists recommend that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. To get the maximum impact of brushing, you should place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth so that the bristles can reach well inside. Three minutes of brushing is sufficient to ensure a clean and healthy mouth.


Tartar can build up quickly between your teeth and right next to your gums. The primary place that tartar builds up on is the front teeth of your lower jaw. Flossing helps ensure that this tartar does not build up in your mouth while removing tidbits of food which might get stuck between your teeth.

Clean your whole mouth

While brushing your teeth, you should also clean your tongue and the upper part of your lips. Many live bacteria are present at these two places and washing them will remove the bacteria, leaving your mouth completely fresh.

Regular visits to your dentist

One of the most important things to do to keep your mouth healthy is to visit your Kelowna dentists office regularly. During these visits, not only will your teeth be cleaned, but the chances of getting any disease or dental problems will also be eliminated for some time.

Increase your calcium and vitamin intake

Calcium and different types of vitamins help make your body stronger. They also assist in making your bones stronger, and stronger bones mean healthier teeth. Hence, increasing the intake of these nutrients will make your teeth stronger.

Use mouthwash

Remember that a mouthwash which has alcohol in it will be stronger than one that doesn’t. It should be used to eliminate the bacteria in your mouth right after brushing and flossing. It also leaves your mouth feeling completely refreshed and cool. In case you have a toothache due to a cavity or other bacteria, using a mouthwash will bring temporary relief until you get the chance to visit your dentist.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco is your teeth’s worst enemy. It can have a severe impact on them at a very quick pace. Tobacco use can leave your teeth looking brown, and it assists in developing various dental problems as well. It is best to avoid smoking as you are keen on having a clean mouth.

Limit the intake of caffeine and sugar

Caffeine and sugar are ingredients that both cause a lot of damage to your mouth like tooth decay or gum disease. They help form cavities, which can later lead to a root canal. It is best that you avoid or at least limit their intake so that your mouth stays protected from the bacteria that cause such problems.